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Sherry Heyliger


Sherry Heyliger sees movement and magic in the everyday and challenges herself to bring the “edges” to the surface and make the unseen, seen. She has explored a broad range of mediums and been showcased at The Women's Art Museum of Canada, ARTBOX NYC, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, Luna Nocturnal Art Festival, The Kootenay Co-op Cafe, Art World Expo at Edmonton's Muttart Gallery and Deep Freeze: A Byzantine Winter Festival.

Much of Sherry’s inspiration comes from her introspective childhood experiences in Nature. She recalls sitting on a rock under a tree at her grandmother’s farm in southern Ontario, contemplating life and relationships great and small. People... Their thoughts, actions and living, never made much sense to her. However the natural world always did, in its minutiae and grandiosity; its richness, depth, clarity and simplicity. 

With a deep-seated passion to understand the contradictions of the human being, Sherry traveled to other continents, immersed herself in ancient traditions and teachings looking for insight, illumination and compassion. She found her “roots” through initiations into the earth honouring ways of original peoples as a bridge perspective emerged through the reclamation of the dark and light of her own lineage. 

"The design of the living, breathing, pulsation of all life laid itself onto my vision as a blueprint, a lens. It did not dissipate; it has shaped every experience of myself and of others since. Transmitting this knowing, this feeling of interconnectedness... became my focus.
Motion, multi-mediums, magic ... whatever is at hand shapes my opportunity to create and share. I feel driven by my desire to invite ‘the other’ to dance the spaces in between.”

Sherry lives in Winlaw, BC in the forest.