“Into the Depths II”

Inspired by the sea and the deepest movements we experience both outside and inside…

14” diameter Ecopoxy resin with acrylic, mica on heavy ply board, ready to hang.

“Burn II”

2018 was a busy wildfire season in my area of British Columbia, Canada.  For weeks, our home was in the centre of 24 fires of significance and tuning into the land, the forests and all the creatures that inhabit them brought “Burn I & II” to me.

Acrylic, mica and Ecopoxy resin on ceramic.


This piece was created with a desire to capture the glory of stars being born and dying off…  Folks see many things in this painting, full of depth and imagery and available to personal interpretation.

Mica, acrylic, alcohol ink and Ecopoxy resin on 12 x 12 canvas.

“Raspberry Parfait”

Pinks and gold swirl, layer upon layer and host a bevy of semi precious gems in this geode inspired resin painting.

Mica, acrylic, alcohol ink, clear, rose & white quartz, lepidolite, rainbow moonstone and glass on 12x 12canvas.


Magnificent maven and maker, Anais asks that acceptance of all aspects of self be the heart of the journey and in turn, the key to liberation.

Ecopoxy resin, acrylic, mica and glass on 16” bamboo.


Hera’s call awakens majesty within.

Ecopoxy resin, mica, acrylic, alcohol ink, glass, rainbow moonstone, amethyst, clear & rose quartz and lepidolite on 12 x 12 canvas.


Bold yet delicate, “Iris” whispers Spring.

Acrylic, mica, glass, lepidolite, amethyst, quartz and Ecopoxy resin on 12 x 12 canvas

“Cyan Dream”

Whether you feel the spray of the ocean or the gentle breeze of a late summer Prairie evening…dream, drift and breathe deeply of this moment.

Ecopoxy resin, acrylic, mica, alcohol ink on 12 x 12 canvas.